Forza Motorsport is a next gen exclusive that will miss Series X’s launch

A new Xbox of course means a new Forza, though today’s Xbox Games Showcase revealed a couple of small surprises – namely that that new Forza Motorsport will be missing launch, and it looks like it’ll be a next gen exclusive.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has previously said there won’t be any Series X exclusives for the first couple of years of its life as the company sticks to a cross gen strategy, and with the new Forza Motorsport revealing itself to be early in development maybe we shouldn’t expect a release until 2022.

It’s set to look pretty fine, though, with 4K support at a full 60fps and with ray tracing also featuring. That’s not to say there won’t be any Forza to play on your new Series X should you pick one up this year, with Forza Horizon 4 getting a 4K/60fps update for the console later this year, as well as drastically improved load times on the system.